Figure 3 a Wirewound voltage output: It utilises a ‘unique, patented, electronic solution’ 1 to guarantee compatibility with a range of standard 12VAC Halogen electronic transformers. Figure 1 e PoweRun voltage output: The fundamental difference between LED driver and 12VAC electronic transformer outputs can be found further down the page. MR16 LED lights vary in complexity across manufacturers and model designs. Redback Electronic Transformer Power consumption:

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Both transformers specify a minimum load requirement of 0. The primary winding for each transformer was connected to nominally VAC mains, operating at 50 Hz. Magnetic transformers will generally work with all MR16 LED lights, albeit at the cost of efficiency and extra power consumption as was explored in this FAQ article.

It oscillates about 0V, regularly switching polarity with a measured output of They differ in output and load compatibility i.

A sample of LED lights was used on each transformer to assess it’s compatibility and output quality when handling different loads.


The LED failed to turn on when supplied using the Possum or speedy electronic transformers. Brand new in manufacturer’s packaging. Over temperature cut off. Figure 1 c Lec voltage output: The Actec Mini60 Electronic Transformer is commonly used for the standard 12v low voltage halogen downlight. Sign up for our newsletter:.

The transformers’ output voltage waveforms when powering a 35W Osram Halogen can be seen in the atcec below. Figure 1 g Redback voltage output: MR16 LED lights vary in complexity across manufacturers and model designs.

Actec (Fuzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Figure 2 c PoweRun voltage output: Figure 1 a Ellectronic voltage output: Figure 2 d Redback voltage output: Possum Electronic Transformer Power consumption: Figure 5 c High frequency 57 kHz switching: Based on the voltage outputs of these transformers taken above, they are likely to have very similar internals and consequently similar responses to identical loads.

Figure 2 a Wirewound voltage output: An Atco TM wire wound transformer was used xctec comparison. Figure 5 a High frequency 37 kHz switching: The high frequency switching cycles are seen to stop and resume at irregular times within the Hz wave envelope.


The Actec Mini60 Electronic Transformer has the following product features: Figure 3 d Redback voltage output: Figure 3 c PoweRun electronkc output: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Actec Mini 60 Electronic Transformer 12v Low Voltage | Downlights Accessories Down Lighting Light

Figure 3 a Wirewound voltage output: Figure 2 b Possum voltage output: Electronkc your existing 12VAC transformers in addition to your downlights can be costly and inconvenient, making it important that replacement LED downlights work well with your existing installation. The variation in the switching waveform across transformer types can be seen in figures 5b-d.

Figure 1 i Speedy voltage output: MICA Lighting, shall look after the warranty for you. Figure 5 b High frequency kHz switching: