If you are webmaster and have a link to the page, please change it. If you want to use them use the C61f firmware. BT01 seem to be a RPC-1 region free firmware. Enclosed utility will update the drive to the region-free X16E firmware, or if the drive is already running the X16E firmware, it will revert it to the region-locked E firmware. Since the DVD format is a digital medium and thus has no different broadcast standards for various world regions.

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Iomega Predator USB 2. Just make a look.

The following are three lists, in green are drives that are known to be multi-region. Patch are available for firmware 0.

It is always set to master, ignoring areey jumper setting, and will cause a conflict if it is installed as slave. The second DVD generation was faster, more reliable, greatly supported, but lacked features It didn’t read certain types of CD medias.


Your drive will be restored. The final version should be available in the very next days!! I have inserted the correct one now. I can’t say wich drive yet! This file is based on the latest firmware AA This is the last RPC-1 drive available. RPC-2 with firmware 2. Set the drives Region Code 3.

RPC-2 with firmware 1. Ddvdrom need some infos about the drives. If you have questions please don’t send e-mail, use the discussion board instead. About the guys who copied my site, i prefer now ignore them Adding support for Compaq GD drives. We are waiting for your results. Updated the CD-R page.

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Would you like to make this site your homepage? Since the DVD format is a digital medium and thus has no different broadcast standards for various world regions.

Yes, Please make this my home page! John Johnson provided a patched version of the Samsung flash utility. For some unknow reasons Panasonic never released this afrreey. RPC-1 with firmware If you succeed to flash your drive, please let me know. If you send me something during this period, please repost! The counter passed 1. The RPC-1 trick for this drive is also working for the Shuttle drive.


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And big surprisethe included flash utility let you extract your firmware. This page will have dd-4008ee changes tomorrow. But for an unknow reason you can’t use them if you have a drive with the “official” 2. These firmware are probably RPC2. He also provided patched RPC-1 firmware 1. Use it with the Pioneer DVD firmware 1.