You can read a bit about the details of fastboot here. Thursday, November 19, Wednesday, November 4, Does anyone have a copy of these drivers? Windows 10 Application Compatibility.

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Then reboot your computer.

public:windows_hboot_driver_install [RootWiki]

You must disable driver signature enforcement as described in this video: This should be a binary file suitable for flashing, and not a. Fast Boot The theory should be applied to Windows 10, too http: Here is what I did:.

It gives a code 43 Windows stopped this device because it has reported problems. Thursday, January 5, 6: What can be the problem? When I select that on my EVO it’s the first choice it takes me to another menu, which has Fastboot, Hoot, and a couple of other things to select.

Windows say “unknow device” when i plug the smartphone in fastboot mode. Proposed as answer by Fanta5 Friday, September 30, 8: Did you follow the instructions I left before? If you get any warnings, just click Ok.


This hhboot for me on windows Any idea why not? In my case, that was C: Stumbled across this and it saved the day, muchas gracias.

I also have uab “engineering” version of HBoot, but I don’t know if that would add extra menu items or not. With windows 8 the mayor problem was it being unsigned drivers, I don’t know if that might also be the issue here.

It is now a valuable wndroid for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new ub. I like windows 10 but it’s not suitable for use. Plug it on your computer via usb. February 28, at The current version of Unrevoked is 3, however due to some bugs they have taken it out and are currently offering only Unrevoked 2 for download. You should then be at the following screen:.

Hboot usb plug – HTC Desire C | Android Forums

Wednesday, March 30, 5: Under the Other devices, you will find your Android device. Now see my screenshot No 5.


Android Apps and Games. The hboot menu is showing the following information:. Looking Forward For Your Reply.

Unrevoked: How To Root HTC Android Phones (EVO 4G, Desire, Droid Incredible)

I’m not sure where it lives, actually. When you need to go back to oem and unroot, Simply install a ruu with your provider. Hbkot menu after holding vol-down when booting click image to enlarge. I rooted stock 2. My phone is recognized as being connected, but as I don’t presently have a working operating system on it, there’s no communication possibilities.