Previously, the Drought Monitors lacked objective information on deep soil moisture and groundwater conditions, which are useful indicators of drought. At this stage we provide a preliminary evaluation of the GRACE assimilated moisture and indicator fields. The role of the largest continental river basins as major locations for freshwater redistribution is highlighted. Groundwater deficits occur in several areas of Central Mexico, where water resource assessment is limited by the availability and reliability of field data. We estimate these losses to be approximately 41, 44, and 42 km3 in , , and , respectively. In this study, we estimate SH errors and scale factors for African hydrological regimes. Simulations were then performed to test the augmented model’s ability to capture seasonal and inter-annual trends of groundwater.

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Water availability has traditionally been limited to “renewable” waterwhich ignores large, stored water sources that humans use. In this study, we use the results from two state-of-the-art hydrological models and different GRACE spherical harmonic products to examine the variations in TWS and its individual components, and to attribute the changes to natural and human-induced factors ble-03 large global river basins.

Nowadays thanks to GRACEfloods, droughts, and water resources monitoring are possible on a global scale. Since its 22004 in MarchGRACE time-variable gravity data have been successfully used to quantify long-term groundwater storage changes in different regions over the world, including northwest India, the High Plains Aquifer and the Central Valley in the USA, the North China Plain, Bule-03 East, and southern Murray-Darling Basin in Australia, where groundwater storage has been significantly depleted in recent years or decades.

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The downscaled water storage anomaly data were evaluated using water storage data derived from an 1 integrated hydrologic hlue-03, 2 land surface model e. Here, we combine 40 years of observations of ice sheet mass balance for Antarctica present and Greenland presentalong with surface mass balance reconstructions of glacier and ice caps mass balance GIC from s to present to determine the contribution to the SLF from melting land ice MAR and RACMO.

It is observed that storage -discharge relationship is exponential in nature, contrary to the general assumption that the relationship is linear. We use these data to investigate the supply changes from water components at different depth in relation to satellite based vegetation metrics, including vegetation greenness NDVI measures from MODIS and related higher order productivity GPP before, during and following the major drought events observed in the continental US for the past 14 years.


Innovative concepts such as Kalman filtering and regularization, along with sophisticated regional modeling have shifted temporal and spatial resolution towards new frontiers. India also faces the challenge of rejuvenating the fast deteriorating and exhausting water resources due to the rapid urbanization. Triggered by a transit increase in precipitation following the hydrological drought, vegetation productivity in Texas shows more sensitivity to surface SM than TWS.

Recent changes in terrestrial water storage in the Upper Nile Basin: A system of GRACE custom designed Mass Concentration blocks Mascons have been designed to model time-variable gravity changes for the largest basins in Southern Africa Zambezi, Okavango, Limpopo and Orange covering an area of 9 mill km2 with a resolution of 1 by 1. Current statistics on cee water use are often outdated or inaccurately reported nationally, especially for bleu-03.

We further apply the canonical correlation analysis CCA technique to relate sub-surface water storage changes to climate e. The investigations will be carried out for various temporal scales, focusing on short-term fluxes down to daily variations to be detected in daily GRACE time series.

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The results from the three methods were compared. Here we provide results of a time series model of basin-averaged GRACE terrestrial water storage anomaly and Global Precipitation Climatology Project precipitation for the world’s largest basins.

The annual total precipitation falling over the region is not sufficient to compensate the agricultural irrigation needs of the region. Our results show that the majority of GPS stations are negatively correlated with GRACE in a statistically relevant gjm, as most GPS stations are located on bedrock in order to provide stable reference locations and measure geophysical processes such as tectonic deformations.

We select the flood event in the Missouri river basin as a case study, and find that assimilation generally made the model gh in the months preceding flood. Within that framework, the question of an amplification or attenuation of atmospheric forcing through land-surface feedbacks and changes in long term water storage is discussed, also with respect to uncertainties and potential systematic biases in the results. Our primary goal in this effort is to use the combination of satellite radar altimetry and GRACE data to study on water blu-03 as well as methods to dealing with error sources include cross over errors and atmospheric impacts.


An inversion approach is applied to consistently estimate the spatio-temporal changes of soil moisture and groundwater storage compartments of the seven basins during the study period from GRACE TWS, altimetry, and land surface model products. To summarize, we compute the range-acceleration residuals for two different forward models by executing separate runs of our Level-1B processing system. As a result storage has largely remained an elusive entity in hydrological analysis and modelling.

Advanced signal separation techniques enable to isolate different sources of mass such as atmospheric and oceanic circulation or land hydrology.

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We conclude that the GRACE -based method of estimating monthly to seasonal groundwater storage changes performs reasonably well at thesq km scale of Illinois. Comparing groundwater recharge and storage variability from GRACE satellite observations with observed water levels and recharge model simulations.

In the present study we try to identify physically meaningful major spatial hhm temporal patterns or signals of changes in TWS for India. Results indicate an average correlation of 0.

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The Mekong Delta, home to almost 20 million inhabitants, is cf one of the most important region for Vietnam as it is the agricultural and industrial production base of the nation. Understanding linkages between global climate indices and terrestrial water storage changes over Africa using GRACE products.

Global models underestimate large decadal declining and rising water storage trends relative to GRACE satellite data.

We find that there is a strong relationship between power-law recession coefficient and initial storage TWSA at the beginning of recession event.

To evaluate the performance of the system in helping.