Pull Tractor Unit Accessing Epson Status Monitor 3 Important Safety Instructions Read all of these safety instructions before using the printer. Removing a printed document from the push tractor Follow these steps to remove the printed document: Noise Levels 55 Relative Humidity Options When you use the cut-sheet feeder, the paper does not feed properly The paper does not feed. The paper or ribbon

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Hold another paper support and push the tips into the notches of the other side on the edge Envelopes You can feed envelopes individually using the paper guide. Paper feeding is crooked or the Fit the first holes of Make sure the power switch on the printer is turned off.

Pull Tractor Unit Cut the leading edge of the roll paper straight across. Unpacking The Printer Page length for tractor This setting allows you to set the page length in inches for continuous paper. Paper Handling Single sheets do not feed properly Paper does not feed.


Height Weight 6. Insert the ribbon cartridge into the printer as shown; then press both sides of the cartridge firmly to fit Print head life expectancy is million characteres and ribbon life l is 3 million characters. Assembling the Printer 1 This section provides you with information on how to get your printer up and running.

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Insert the paper into the bottom paper Dots are missing in printed characters or graphics A line of dots is missing in the printout. Running the Self Test 1 Use the built-in self test function to check that the printer is working properly.

The print position is not what you expected Printing starts too high or too low on the page, or the Select Print Setup or Print from the File menu of your application software. U Unidirectional Uni-d printing.

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Slide the left sprocket unit using the Using The Parallel Interface Open the sprocket covers. Changing Default Settings M R Manual feed wait time, Removing Micro ki, toto printed document from Multipart Print Speed Draft 10cpi.


epsom Hold the cut-sheet feeder in both hands and press on the latch levers. Running The Self Test Life Expectancy Million Characters. Printing with the pull tractor To load continuous paper using the pull tractor, you must move the tractor to the Epson LQ User Manual.

The paper- thickness lever is on the left side of Continuous paper standard and multipart: Plugging In The Printer Options When you use the cut-sheet feeder, the paper does not feed properly The paper does not feed. Installing the Printer Software After you connect the printer to your computer, you need to install the software included on Switching Back To Single Sheets