Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Tablets by David Carnoy Dec 13, Take the connector cable off and Assigning a Format to a Paper Path Any of the four formats may be assigned to any of the six paper paths as shown below. Page 26 If the paper is loaded it will move to the top of the next form at the tear off position.

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To select geincom Front2 Push paper path, press the 1. Interface Required Connector Type. Selecting the Character Set for an Emulation Select a character set for emulation: The maximum input buffer size is 32 Kbytes.

Install the Front2 Push tractor assembly aligning both its latches with the Front1 Push tractor pins and inserting them into the corresponding pins.

Selecting The Interfaces This function allows selection of the interface types: Epson Emulation To change the character table in the Epson emulation, press the top level to the second level as shown below: Please note that for forms of varying thickness, this method may or may not make an appropriate adjustment depending upon which area of the form was used during the adjust procedure.

Program Units Choose the type of Program units for menu selection of the following parameters: Automatic Sheet Feeder asf The optional Automatic Sheet Feeder ASFlocated in the rear of the printer, provides fast and automatic single sheet and envelopes loading.


Close the tractor set covers and lock the tractor sets moving the levers down. Select the printer port with which the printer is connected to the host.

Need consumables or parts? Printer latches data on rising edge of strobe signal.

Genicom 3850 Printer Ribbons

The Euro symbol will appear as designated in the appropriate sets: Check for proper installation of the ribbon guide on the print head. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Sitemap. Page Fixed Print Adjust This method sets the gap and fine tunes it at the same time. Form Length Select the form length in 1 line increments at the currently selected lpi or in inches depending upon System Menu P The maximum form length is 24 inches. If the value saved is “99” then paper retract will occur only if or if data is received from host.

Selecting the Initialization This function restores all System and Operational Menu values to the factory default settings: All graphics modes are printed in uni-directional mode.

Genicom Serial Matrix 3850 – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix Series

Make sure the printer has been turned off for at least 15 minutes before starting any cleaning Periodic cleaning will genucom keep the printer in top condition so that it will always provide optimal performance. Software Driver Selection 5. Offwhen printer is Off line.


Genicom Serial Matrix – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix az. The Rear Pull Tractor An optional rear pull tractor assembly can be installed on the printer. Page 51 If the printer receives a control code command 80H to 9FH whose eighth data bit is set, and the character set is selected, then the printer will Y or will not N respond to the particular code based upon your selection. If enabled and the draft font is selected, then subsequent printing will be in proportional Courier Letter Quality.

Genicom Printer User Guide |

Selecting the Line Setup Select line setup as shown below. Lexicon flat-rate repair services offer cost savings when compared to standard manufacturer geniccom. Push the cartridge down gently until it clips into place at all locking points: Page 59 Barcode Guard Bar Enable The printer will Y or will not N include left, right and center Guard bars of the barcode styles which use Guard bars based upon your selection.

Failure to remove paper during tuning will result in incorrectly tuned sensors. Printer Output Max Speed.