John February 21, at 3: On Elder Geek’s advice, I’m editing this question to only deal with the ethernet problems. Is there any possibility to activate this Wifi Hotspot from the begining? I have a question: Yeah it works very nicely‚Ķ. BTW I can share wifi in windows system.

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Thanks for the info. I rebooted the system disabled wifi and tried connecting again to any webpage. According to your post, your router is at Sam Tang May 26, at 8: I just tried it and it just works. They have this NIC onboard:.

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Sign up using Facebook. I know that not all of the wires in an ethernet connection have to be fully ubunty before link lights on equipment turn on, even ubjntu data can’t be sent. Ngangbam Chandrasekhar July 15, at 6: I have a physical WifFi button- works when I press that. Remote bug watches debbugs [ done important fixed-upstream upstream patch ] Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers. Hey Jim, I followed this and it perfectly worked in Ubuntu I did everything you instructed above and it all installed properly.


I setup wifi hotspot in ubuntu I had been looking for this for a while. Ubunru thought on this is it could be a hardware problem, maybe something has gone wrong with the ethernet card itself? Installing it manually like this is very much error prone, especially when upgrading the kernel later.

Do you just mean a light turns on on the router for that port?

3 Ways to Create Wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu 14.04 (Android Support)

Nurul Faizin January 10, at Akash February 22, at I am using HP laptop, and install the device driver from https: To install it, follow the following steps, based on these instructions: Stefan May 11, at 9: Is there any way to check which devices are connected to the hotspot at any point of time?

NOTE File was created by step 4. I have successfully configured my access point in a snapshot from my wlan usb-stick following the method number 3.

I could create hotspot but the problem was with security tab. But sorry to say that this does not work in Linuxmint I’m using my wireless connection to reach these forums, but Ethernet still does not work.


Thank you very much for useful information. File name is same to the connection name you typed in step 4.

Just be warned that the install script does a reboot after installation without asking for permission. Thank you very much!

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