Page Trouble during Scanning The image is coarse. User-defined characters can be stored only in memory. It is printed on the top edge of a received document. Stored Programming Overview 7 Stored Programming Stored Programming Overview This feature allows you to store settings that you expect to use frequently and call them with a single button operation. Page 4 Fax Features Unavailable for Sending Server Fax The following features are available for regular faxes, but are not available for server faxes.

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When using an address number in which the billing data is not registered.

Binding Erase Erases the shadow from the center section of the document. Public Mailbox Stores the document into the public mailbox on the machine.

Any documents with a xeroox protection code cannot be copied.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 Mesin Fotostat

Select [All Services], and select [Change Settings]. Load the document the front side of 2-sided document face up in the center of the document feeder.

Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip over the power cord. Page Fax Mode Settings Incoming iFax Print Options Set the print operation to be enabled when e-mail that is sent to the machine’s e-mail address is received from a machine with the iFax feature. Continuous form paper 15 x 11″: Never use a vacuum cleaner for the spills. Error Code Category Error Code Cause and Remedy C P F S M O O [Cause] An on-demand print job was duji to the machine using the remote access feature, but the time interval of receiving the print job and starting the print processing exceeded the time limit specified on the machine.


Fax Control You can set the fax control settings.

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Select the paper type to be set xerx then select [Save]. It also deletes all data including the maximum For information on the user information settings or account information settings, refer to the online help of CentreWare Internet Services.

For example, when the number you want to dial is registered to the address numberpress one touch button When the relay station ID is “00” Select the paper tray to use.

Use a network scan driver.

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Make sure on the screen that the paper type you selected has been set for the tray, and then select [Close]. Value Symbol Set 0 Default: Are compatible toner cartridges inferior to the original OEM cartridge9 A: Uncheck the settings you want to cancel.

For printing of multiple documents, a blank page is inserted after the final page of each document. Page – Replacing the Staple Cartridge for Bookl Refer to the Network Administrator Guide for details.


When you need – Performance When deadlines loom, every second counts. Check the network cable connection. Contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for more information Follow all warning instructions marked on this xeox.

Move Lever 2b to the right, and then remove the jammed paper. Users are classified into the following four categories. These rules grammars are called printer languages.

Allows you to make the same ratio adjustment for the width and length at xefox same time. As well as from compatible, original. Page 11 Job Status Select any item.