Posted June 30, I’ve got an unusual problem that I hope someone can help with. I am just looking for something to drive the cutter directly from VW. Posted June 7, It seems a shame that VW users have to buy additional software in order to send out their files for printing. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

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This creates a postscript file. The amount of hgpl about this issue shows how important it is. No special software or techniques are needed. Look at the upper right of this page and you will see a search link. To leave a comment, you need to be logged in.

Outputting HP-Gl/2 from Mac to a plotter – Troubleshooting – Vectorworks Community Board

I may be out of my depth here, but I assume that means that gimp-prints output is ‘rasterised’ rather than in a vector-based form that is needed by a plotter. G-Pang, have you had success sending out.

Do you know of others that have successfully used this method. Apparantly you need to add a new printer in print center and hpggl the correct driver for the plotter that your print service uses.



We have been sending PDF files to our print shop for a number of years and this system has worked easily and flawlessly. Sign in with Facebook or. Posted June 28, Have you considered using VirtualPC and a windows plotter driver? Posted May 26, Editing and construction Complete set of publishing functions Vectorisation.

Do not select the PDF option! Date 09 Aug Posted June 2, Can anybody tell me how I could get hold of such a driver? Thanks mike, I had already found that info after alanmac pointed me to it.

You may disagree, but I really feel that it should be possible to send out for printing without using additional software. What is the secret for these two items to talk, other than dropping the plotter from a roof???

If that’s the case, then kindly please ignore this message. The built in OSX Save As Pdf may be enough for some, but the reality is that we should be able to get the same quality from the service bureau that mwc get printing natively through VW to our own plotter.

HPGL/PLT on Mac OS X –

Posted July 14, Sign in now Forgot password? I hpgp this and emailed a test. Unfortunately I can’t give you a direct printing method from VW, as both options above require you to export a file. Just use “Save as” and then select correct output format. Posted June 7, First let me say that I use PDFs.


HPGL Plotter

The standard of VW drawings printed that way is very bad with poor linework and lousy colours. Frustrating at first, but I’m enjoying it now! Thanks Mike That’s the one I remember, sorry forgot it was your post though. I just want to confirm, VW At the moment I have to export my macc outlines from Vectorworks as epsfs so that I can import them into the signwriting software called MacSign that drives the cutter.

Having just googled it, it looks like the designjet is an inket plotter, so I’d assume it works hlgl rasterized output.