Gillepsie said APPEC was shut out of the process by the parties who used confidentiality as a roadblock to access the dealings. Prince Edward County fearful construction of wind turbine farm could begin this weekend. It is a complete stranger to the FIT program. That has implications for this case, but it also has a very clear implication for the entire FIT program…. Thank you for all the donations and sponsors click here.

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Ian MacRae, president of wpd Canada, the company behind the project, said he was stunned by the news given that the project is weeks away from completion. The government has also not reached out to discuss the cancellation, MacRae said, and in the meantime, construction on the kiingston is in full swing.

Ferguson is worried natural habitats could be at risk once massive industrial wind turbines are built. There is a much larger public policy issue.

Live auction of Art by famous Canadian artists and Antiques. If there are advertisements in the sidebar, please scroll down below the ads kingstonn find the Buy Now buttons. All of the turbines are expected to be installed over the next three weeks, with testing scheduled for the following month. How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays Canada ‘No one is going to stick their neck out’: Posted on May 7, by appec.

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He argued that aside for the alleged misrepresentation, wpd also failed to meet 75 per cent of the FIT power production benchmarks, and numerous required milestone dates were missed by the company, hence his assertion the White Pines deal should have been terminated when it fell short of aforementioned terms in the contract.


July 11, 3: Thank you for all the donations and sponsors click here. This site uses cookies. Special thanks is also owed to Mitch Heimpel for his efficient assistance in communicating our concerns with the White Pines Wind Project at the kintston level.

Contract centre of dispute in turbine case

Much of the legal arguments boiled down to whether or not APPEC and public groups like it, are entitled to information involving Feed-in-Tariff arrangements involving commercial parties. Mayor Robert Quaiff said the original agreement was for the transmission line to be buried underground and will need to be altered if wpd intends to bring the line above ground with the reduced number of approved turbines.

Memos suggest Saudi threats chilled support for Canadian tweets Canada ‘I’m in shock: There were amendments to the contract not made available to public, he said.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the new Tory government is behaving like the previous Liberal government by cancelling energy projects and tearing up contracts. All local media was present. Bill 2 was passed into law late yesterday afternoon following the third and kkingston reading and the proclamation of royal assent. South Shore Joint Initiative.

Draw prize of two executive class tickets to Europe. It was a packed house on County Road 10 on Monday night as close to Prince Edward County Residents showed kingsston to discuss the latest about the controversial wind turbine project.

Tickets can be purchased using PayPal or credit cards with the Buy Now buttons on the right sidebar on this page. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County. Gillespie said an injunction was not being sought at this point. The group delayed the delivery convoy kingaton large wind turbine parts for a short period for the photo op.

County withholds wpd permits | The Kingston Whig-Standard

You will receive an income tax receipt in the mail. She likened the Tory plan to the Liberal gas plant scandal that saw the government relocate two plants at a substantial cost to taxpayers. Now the plan is to build nine, near the south shore of Milford.

Share Adjust Comment Print. If you wish to make a donation and receive an official income tax receipt please make your cheque out to the “County of Prince Edward – Legal Appeal Fund” and mail to: Councillor Steve Ferguson has let us know that WPD has informed the municipality that there will be no further construction and that they are securing the sites and making them safe.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept bedding, large appliances, clothing, safety helmets and baby equipment toys, but not kingstpn, are okay. On August 23, the municipality received a letter from wpd Canada president Ian McCrae informing them his company would explore legal avenues if permits, including an apd Road Use Agreement REUwere not issued.